AutoCAD Library of components (Vers. 10)

Our AutoCAD Library of components gives aid to all users planning with AutoCAD or compatible systems. The library is available for all versions starting with AutoCAD 2000 up to 2006 (included). It can also be used by all CAD users who are able to open AutoCAD files (3D dwg-files).

The components are constructed as blocks in 3D. Details of the components are restricted in favour of small file size so that more complex planning is possible.

modular4D – E3D for AVEVA E3D – Projects

Our tool Modular4D-E3D was already tested.

The tool can be delivered in case of need within four weeks.

Various support tools for Intergraph PDS – Projects:

I. BMS-CAD Vers. 3.00.02 as „Stand-Alone Version“ for Intergraph PDS Projects (de / en)

Includes steel system construction ModularSteel 120 and ModularSteel 80.

II. BMS-CAD – plugin für SUcad

Includes steel system construction ModularSteel 120 and ModularSteel 80.

Applicable under SUcad+ Version 4.00.xx (WIN XP 32bit / WIN 7 64bit)

III. Bernecker_RDB – Reference data (Version for PDS

Provide pipe supports by means of Intergraph Pipe Support Modeler. The tool contains pipe supports of the ModularSupport product family as well as standard pipe supports as for example GLT-100, GLY-100, PK-RSB, etc. Other pipe supports are complemented fast according your request.

Compatible from Intergraph PDS Version 7.2 and higher.

modular4D – CAD Version 7. for AVEVA PDMS – Projects

Our tool for AVEVA PDMS helps you to place ModularSteel 120, ModularSteel 80 and
ModularSupport in PDMS projects. Starting with version 3.1, an ATTA making sure that
the SBFM is linked to the pipe and a Typical Library are part of the tool.
A LICAD – binding in the design allows a quick choice and representation of load chains.
Drawings are created automatically using DRAFT. The surrounding (hanger, load chains
and so on) can be shown for your information.

A placing of pipe supports type GLV, U-bolts type RGS and clamp systems are

The tool is based on a PDMS version 11.6, 12.0 and 12.1.

modular4D –SP3D for Intergraph SP3D – Projects

For Intergraph SP3D – Projects we have a dta bank with parts and asseblies for the product groups ModularSteel 120, ModularSteel 80 und ModularSupport. The ModularSteel Assemblies are based on the typical steel system construction. The Pipe Holdings Assemblies contain sliding supporst, guiding supports and anchors of the ModularSupport – product group and tehir load data.

System requirement is an Intergraph SmartPlant 3D Version V2009.1 or V2011, V2014R1, V2016.